Blasting this out to notify everyone if they care about the time displayed on their posts, the new forum software handles user settings differently. You must update the time zone in your profile (e.g. you must be logged into the forum to access your profile). The new software defaulted to UTC timezone 00:00.

Making Forum Posts Displayed With Your Local Time
I received an email from someone who asked about how to make forum posts reflect times appropriate for where they lived. The server we run the forum on is located in the America - New York US time zone, so all times will be set relative to that.

To adjust the time settings for your location, do the following:
  • Click "My Stuff" on the top menu and a drop-down appears.
  • Click "Preferences" and a screen with various option settings appears.
  • Scroll down and find the field labeled
    Your Timezone
  • Click the dropdown and select the desired timezone (e.g. UTC-05:00 - America/New_York xx:xx AM)
  • Scroll down and click the "Submit" button.
The times should automatically be adjusted for Daylight Savings shifts. That can cause problems with time being off an hour for some locations, so you may need to manually adjust the offset when the clocks change.