This is A Very well built steel trailer suitable for J30' And several OTHER SIMILAR SIZED HULLS IN THE RANGE UP ABOUT 32+ FT. LOAD LEVELING HITCH is INCLUDED, ALONG WITH ALL REQUIRED WIDE LOad sign and lights. Asking $5750 and the closer you come to my number the closer I will drive toward you to deliver he trailer it has working surge brakes. LED braKE and marker lights. Tires are in nearly perfect condition and have been balanced.

I will post detail images in theCraigs list ad, Besides j30 's this trIaiLER Has been used on Catalina's of severAL sizes it does not work well with wing keels According to Previous owner.the stands are highly adjustable for height. It has the capability for water launches and retrievAL

Conctact Dave Graf 503-369-5218 here is the craigslist ad

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Dave Graf