I needed to replace my sliding hatch tracks this weekend. Waterline still has them in stock!

Removed the seahood. then the hatch, then the tracks. As suspected the screws holding the seahood down and the tracks in, we’re screwed directly into the balsa. Although two of the screw holes holding the seahood down were wet, what I learned was the screw holes holding the track in were the larger culprit of water intrusion as water tends to sit in the area the track is located. It didn’t help that there were old holes behind the track no longer being used or sealed.

Lots of drilling and thinkened epoxy and syringes later, she is sealed and fixed

Just though I would share what I learned for others. It’s not a huge job to remove the seahood and tracks to check to see if you can stop a water intrusion area to the core before it worsens.