Built in 1985.
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Previous owners raced Bayamo in Buzzards Bay through the fall of 2014. I acquired her in the fall of 2016, and cruised Buzzards Bay and Long Island Sound w/ my family of 4 for a few seasons.

Currently lying at City Island, Bronx, NY.

The boat has been very well maintained: the engine is 100% reliable, and sails and rigging are all in excellent condition. See attached for more details.

Quantum racing sails are from 2011 and 2012.
Two dacron mainsails - one like new, the other we used for cruising (with reef points.)

Major improvements since we acquired the boat in the fall of 2016 include:
-Re-usable canvas winter cover purchased - fall 2016 (Should last at a minimum of another 5 years, so no annual shrink-wrap cost)
-New cabin cushion upholstery - spring 2017
-Fortress anchor and 30 feet of anchor chain - spring 2017
-Cruising main refurbished & reef points added - spring 2017
-Mainsail cover refurbished - spring 2017
-New house battery - spring 2017

This is a great boat to race or cruise. Please let me know if you're interested.

Bill Fallon

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