Price Drop!!!!! All sails are of good quality and not rags by any means. Can't figure out how to post the images in the body of the post so they are attached. Here is what I have:

OD 163% UK Tape Drive #1 Jib 2010 – Good Condition. Excellent choice for a good club racing jib with turtle bag. Lots of life left in her.
$300.00 OBO plus shipping

OD North .75oz Spinnaker – OK/Good Condition – This is an older Spinnaker, not sure of the year. Great spin for reaching legs ans comes with bag.
$100.00 OBO plus shipping

OD Quantum Mainsail – Good Condition - Fantastic club racing sail or an over the top nice cruising sail. Has the spreader trim window and max roach. Comes with battens & slides but has a bolt rope if you prefer that option as well.
$300.00 plus shipping

[b]J30 Main Sail Cover
– Grey, around mast version for flaked on boom mainsail.
$100.00. Buy the mainsail for $300.00 and I will through this in.

All items are based in Old Lyme, CT USA and are sold AS IS.

Payment can be made by check or cash. Do not mail cash please.

Questions or to make an offer you can reach out to Chris at or call 860-304-3701

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