Please accept our apology to those who received more than one e-mail from us with fleet renewal options.

We have been struggling with our hosting company HOSTMYSITE since January, They moved us to a new hosting service with lots of bugs. Membership is down as such we have to keep our costs down. Moving to a new hosting service will cost more $$$. A friendly reminder, for those who join the class annually actually pay for the hosting of and this forum. THANK YOU!

If you have hull number 2-54, you received multiple messages for renewal. Hulls 55 and above should have only received one message.

As of the end of the day, here are some fun facts to note:

The class has documented 659 fleet records. Yesterday's e-mail showed 27% of message as not deliverable. When e-mail addresses change and boats are sold, it is very helpful to send us the new e-mail address or new boat owner's name and contact information. Look for a future post, to include hull where we lost a contact record.

So far, 30 have responded with the option to renew annual membership. 30 have selected update fleet record only. The is 50% retention rate.

Keep in mind, ALL #IDEAs are welcome!

See everyone at NAs.


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