UPDATE 07/22: I've decided just to keep my present sails for another season and forego a search for replacing them with newer sails for now. Admins, feel free to delete this post. Thnx
UPDATE 06/22: The deal I had for purchasing some "new" 2021 used racing sails fell through, so I am not able to sell these sails posted below until I find another deal. If anyone has "like new" sails (OD spec or I'd consider a 155% furling head sail, but need to be high performance) then I could move on selling off my old ones. My budget is around $2,000 for a head sail and would consider paying the same for the right main sail. Less interested in a #3 as I already have the NS 3Di Endurance listed below and I love that sail, but would consider trading over if a deal came along for a full suite Main, #1, #3
I'm considering buying a new suite of NS sails. Putting a feeler out for interest in my current racing sails. They still have some life in them, would be ideal for someone who is looking on a budget for OD spec sails for casual club racing. All sails have been professionally chem cleaned annually and repaired where needed.

$300 - Main - 2010 Quantum - Very Good Condition
$200 - #1 Genoa (162%) - 2010 UK - Fair Condition
$2,000 - #3 Jib (110%) - 2018 NS 3Di Endurance - Excellent Condition

Main has bolts and jibs have luff tapes for headstay foil.
Located in Kittery, ME (local pickup or delivery to Boston, RI, CT)
Additional photos available and happy to take a call to discuss details.

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