Hello. Just received a j29 fractional mast to replace my mast in my j30. the mast in my j30 was broken a couple times before i owned it and repaired with sleeves. so it is not the correct dimensions. so as i am about to sort out and set up the new mast i noticed a few differences. j29 mast is apron 2" longer (my mast not original length), I will have to move boom up. the mast forestay attachment is not a halyard box but a welded on piece and the halyards for 1 spin and 1 jib come out a couple feet higher then come down to a guide which is above forestay attachment. only one spin halyard it seems. the spreaders are not riveted on but have a piece through the mast. the lowers not attache to mast but to spreader attachment. any help or advice on these items would be helpful.