Yeah, we did one painful $1000 step back in 2021. After a basic torch and wrench effort on my part, and my boat partner not having time. We hired the local, well-respected pros.

They cut the shaft, removed it from boat, machined a new one, and replaced the coupler with new, and new shaft seal parts, which were the only parts that immediately needed replacement. Cutlass bearing got done while we were at it.

Interesting to see how someone works when they cost $180/hr. Guaranteed fix with 2 hours of work. Knowing the boat better now, I would be more comfortable separating the coupler and cutting it off the shaft to save $500. Sometimes I have more time than money, so the math is always changing.

Also the professional marine advice was that they did not recommend a dripless on a 3/4" shaft, so I took their advice and refreshed our existing shaft seal.