Classified Ad Guidelines Simplified - Must Read Before Posting
(Thanks to Jason King for the updates 6 Jan 2009)

In an effort to ensure both informative and current advertisements, there are some guidelines to posting in the classifieds that you'll need to follow. This subforum is a departure from the previous J/30 Marketplace that was webmaster administered. The purpose is to make it easy for you to post and update your own ads for boats and equipment or to create a "Wanted" post if you're searching for a boat or boat part to buy. These guidelines are in place to help those browsing the ads quickly see what's available, how long it's been available and what's been sold.

Your title in the subject box should, at a minimum, clearly state what it is you're looking to buy. Examples are below:
WANTED: Harken Windward Sheeting Car
WANTED: Race Quality #1, 163% LP

The body of your ad should contain enough information to clearly convey the details on what you are looking for such as sails or boat related equipment. Pictures are optional if you need to convey what you need in the description. (see "Photos" below).

Contact Information:
All ads must contain your name and contact information, including phone number and email. The board includes provisions to prevent spambots from harvesting email addresses.

You can upload a file stored on your computer by selecting the "Upload Attachment" tab just beneath the posting form (next to the options tab). You can make this an "inline image" to show using the check boxes.

You can also image a photo that's hosted elsewhere. Go to the hosted image and copy the URL by right-clicking the image and selecting "properties." Paste the URL between the image tags (see below) which you can either manually type or select from the buttons above the posting form.


Update your ad!
Please update your ad to reflect a changes in your request. If you have been searching for an item for an extended period of time, it may have dropped in the post listings. If this happens, you can "bump" it to the top by simply posting "still looking". Don't abuse this though, excessive bumps (no more often than every few months unless there is a material change in the request) are not allowed.

When the item is found or no longer needed, please update the subject line by prefacing the title with "Found: " or "Cancelled: " so people know not to contact you. Once an item is marked as Found or Cancelled, the thread will be locked so no other updates can be made or replies posted in that thread.

If you have any questions or if you need help posting your request, please contact the forum moderator via PM or email.
Template below as originally posted 3 Jan 2009 - use text formatting codes from the menu if desired
This is the template to use if you are searching for something to buy such as sails or boat related equipment. Use the directions below. The template is formatted so basic information necessary for someone to easily search through the information, and determine if they meet your needs is met so they can contact you. The style is intended to be the same for all ads. Pictures are optional if you need to convey what you need in the description. Should you desire to show more than one picture, please host them externally and link to them, rather than attaching them.

1. To place an posting for something you need, right click this link and select open a new window so you can copy and paste between this window and the new one.

2. Copy the line below into the new window "Subject" box.
Item: Description
Electronics: Original Depth & Speed Transducers <== an example of someone looking for electronics parts

Replace "Item:" with one of the following single key words
Sails: - for any sails
Engine: - for entire Engine or use Engine Parts for piece parts and engine control stuff
Line: - for any sheets, halyards, docklines or other miscellaneous line
Spars: - for Mast & Boom
Electronics: - for any radios, nav instruments, stereos, etc.
Trailer: - for any boat trailers
Parts: - misc boat parts
Other: - anything not covered above

Follow the "Item:" with a short description suitable for the title line

3. Copy and paste the text below between the horizontal lines into the new window description box. Overwrite the text as necessary to fill in your information. There are examples and directions included on line with hash marks "##". These are for your assistance only and the lines with the hash marks should be deleted. There are bulletin board formatting codes included in the text below for bold text, image links and making your email a hot link. Please keep these codes in the post you make so that all requests have the same look and feel.
[b]Short description of item desired[/b]
[b]Electronics: Original Depth & Speed Transducers[/b] ##Example Only - Delete This Line##

Insert your text with the description here overwriting this line. Use as many lines as desired and use the BB formatting codes if desired. A bullet list is provided below if you are looking for multiple items.
[list][*]Item 1 Description here
[*]Item 2 Description here
[*]Item 3 Description here
[*]Item 4 Description here[/list]

Insert optional picture link in the line below, or attach a picture using the "upload attachment" tab - ##Delete This Line##
[img]Picture URL Here[/img]
[img][/img] ##Example Only - Delete this line and if attaching a picture instead, delete line above too##

[b]Contact:[/b] Your Name [email:xxx@xxx]xxx@xxx[/email] Tel. xxx-xxx-xxxx
##[b]Contact:[/b] John Smith [email][/email] Tel. 203-555-5555 ##Example Only - Delete##
Posted date
Posted 3/25/2008 ##Example Only - Delete This Line##
4. Once you have completed entering your information in the new window, click on the "Preview" button to see what the posting will look like. Scroll down below the preview window to make any changes. You may preview again by clicking on the "Preview" button. Once you are satisfied with your ad, click on "Submit".

5. In the future if you decide to revise your request, you can open the posting and click the "Edit" button. Please include on the last line "Post Revised xx/xx/xxxx" with the date.

6. If you find the item(s), please post that the item(s) was found or no longer needed. You can edit the subject line and include "Found" as the 1st word when your request is fulfilled.