1983 J/30 - Hull #423 "Hot Air III" located in Coral Gables, Florida
Asking $23,900

Fully equipped, turn-key vessel. Has been raced and well maintained by owner. Docked behind house in upscale neighborhood. Recent halyard and mast work. Will most likely need new bottom paint this year.

Racing Sails: Carbon Main #1, Kevlar #2, Kevlar #3. Spinnakers: .5oz, .6oz and older .75oz. All sails in good shape. Nexus electronics: Speed, Wind, Depth and 3 GPS.

**Owner's knee requires boat with wheel! Reluctantly offered for sale at above asking price.
Update 22 Oct 2009 - Owner's knee is better than expected. Not for sale anymore!
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Contact: Frank Atkinson frank@riggingsystems.net Tel. 305-649-1540

Ad posted date: 8/12/09

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