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Shrink wrap

Posted By: Cap'n Vic

Shrink wrap - 05/12/12 12:54 AM

Vee Jay 2 Six months later ...

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Description: taking off the shrink wrap on a J30
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Posted By: Jim Hoey

Re: Shrink wrap - 05/12/12 05:15 AM

Did you have an zipped door to allow access to do work inside over the winter.
Posted By: Cap'n Vic

Re: Shrink wrap - 05/12/12 10:29 AM

no door. once the boat is out of the water ... i am 1500 miles south ... my only backup plan is to drill a hole in the bilge so that no water can accummulate ... and that plan did keep the bilge dry this winter.

Vee Jay 1 in Naples for the summer. double tied with 13 dock lines.

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Description: Vee Jay 1 in Naples for summer
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