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Posted By: Steve Buzbee

Rudder - 11/04/13 08:27 PM

Does anybody out there have access to/own a set of templates for the rudder? I'd like to fair mine to templates this off season. It is currently pretty assymmetrical. Related question-what does the new class certified rudder cost to buy?
Posted By: Rhapsody #348

Re: Rudder - 11/04/13 08:37 PM


You can create a template pretty easily using the excel spreadsheet on the class rules and also saved in the files section.

The replacement rudder I got from IdaSailor after my 2008 Block Island storm damage was ~ $2,100
Posted By: dennejo

Re: Rudder - 11/05/13 05:57 PM


Bengt's set of templates has the rudder template. I will be handing these off to Michael soon so he can do Vee Jay.

Posted By: Steve Buzbee

Re: Rudder - 11/06/13 06:03 PM

Hey John-

Any chance you will be at the yard over the weekend? I'd love to check my rudder shape asap so I can determine how much work I have to do...
Posted By: dennejo

Re: Rudder - 11/07/13 02:14 AM

Take a look at the photo of the rudder.
Posted By: alx

Re: Rudder - 12/16/13 05:14 PM

I paid about $2,300 plus shipping for a balanced rudder from Competition Composites. They say it's class legal (same surface area) but I haven't checked.

I've only been out with it once and it's made a huge improvement in the helm on Ananda.
Posted By: Rhapsody #348

Re: Rudder - 12/16/13 07:13 PM


The balanced rudder is NOT class legal and has been discussed at length previously in the forum. It does not conform to the profile in the class specs. You can see at this link that the leading edge is a straight line for the class legal rudder. The balanced rudder leading edge is more forward of the pivot, resulting in the balancing effect. I've sailed boats with the balanced rudder and personally, do not like it because you loose the feel of the helm. That helm pressure is what tells you that sail adjustments are needed! The only benefit would be reduced pressure on a beam reach where there is lots of pressure in a strong breeze.
Posted By: Georges

Re: Rudder - 10/23/15 09:41 PM

As part of fixing my rudder damaged trailing edge, I went to build a template with dimension mentioned in the by law - with a small front leading hook similar to the keel template one.

The catch is that the template is at the minimum legal dimension. A +2mm thick (probably more for mine) profile, like my current rudder, does not fit -at all- in the template.

How can a template calibrated for minimum size be used to measure a legal profile that does not fit at all in it?

Could it be that the measurer has template with the max allowed size rather?
Sorry for the naive question - first time I am playing with template...
Posted By: Rhapsody #348

Re: Rudder - 10/23/15 11:00 PM


You may fabricate a template from cardboard that is 2mm larger by starting with the minimum, then trace a pencil line 2mm outside that line. Use a razor knife to cut along the new line.
Posted By: Georges

Re: Rudder - 10/27/15 03:03 AM

Was on my way to do this. Wanted some feedback before redoing the template for the third time smile thanks Bill appreciated.
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