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Full-batten cruising+PHRF main?

Posted By: Georges

Full-batten cruising+PHRF main? - 12/11/16 09:06 PM

Looking for a new main easy to flake and reef alone, still doing well on PHRF racing. I am thinking on a full batten?
Would love also to be able to switch to OD configuration without stepping/unstepping the mast...
Any one has experience with such a setup?
Posted By: Rhapsody #348

Re: Full-batten cruising+PHRF main? - 12/11/16 11:30 PM

Georges - Mark Rotsky the SNE District Governor on Nemesis uses a full batten main and I believe also has a separate OD race main. The full batten main is on slugs so easy to flake as it comes down. Give Mark a call and see what he does.
Posted By: Georges

Re: Full-batten cruising+PHRF main? - 12/12/16 01:45 PM

Thanks Bill - I discovered since then the Ronstan ball slide system also on slug. (http://www.ronstan.com/marine/SAbattensystems.asp#bstbattensystems) will check with Mark. Cheers.
Posted By: fcd

Re: Full-batten cruising+PHRF main? - 12/25/16 05:49 PM

A lot of the boats around me (mine included) have slugs in the main track and a series of lines from the leach of the main to metal rings on the topping lift. I don't really have any problem getting the sail up and down and the lines do a good job of managing the bottom half or so of the sail. The top (full) batten does have to be parrellel to the boom though.
Posted By: Georges

Re: Full-batten cruising+PHRF main? - 12/29/16 08:24 PM

Thanks FCD,
The vertical line from the topping lift down to the sail have some similarity with the Dutchmen system - but I am a bit at a loss to see how it works if the line does not go through all the way down to the boom? Would you have a picture by any chance?

A few folks around me seems happy with lazy jacks, but I more than occasionally find myself fighting with them on the hoist. So still looking at a better system...

Mark is happy with his full-batten. No need for ball bearing track. Opinion shared by Nick at North. So this is one thing down.

North's quote was so much higher than the price I saw discussed in this forum (more than $4000 for a Nordac main), than I am waiting on Doyle for theirs.
Posted By: fcd

Re: Full-batten cruising+PHRF main? - 01/01/17 03:40 PM

The lines run horizontally from the leach to the backstay. So they are taught when the sail is down on the boom and becomes loose as the sail is raised. I am going by the boat sometime this week and will at least get a picture with the sail down.
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