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Halyard Locations

Posted By: pez

Halyard Locations - 03/23/19 03:57 PM

How does everyone have their Halyards set up?

Port: Genoa 1, Genoa 2, Reef
Starboard: Spin, Main, Topping Lift

Posted By: D. Bartley

Re: Halyard Locations - 03/24/19 02:09 AM

Our jib halyards and reef are led back to the coach roof on the port side (of course).

Spin is on the mast with a cam cleat. Main and topping lift led back to the starboard side coach roof.
Posted By: Jim Hoey

Re: Halyard Locations - 03/24/19 09:50 AM

All our Halyards reef lines pole and up/down are lead back to the cockpit.The Port spin Hal goes to Starboard and the Starboard spin Halyard to Port.
Posted By: usa1136

Re: Halyard Locations - 04/25/19 02:10 PM

Our main and primary jib halyards are on port side cabin top. Jib stays on winch, main stays on cleat. Primary spin has two cleats in mast (need two of windy) and then led back to starboard. One additional Genoa/spin halyard feeds back to starboard cabin top as the OD required extra. topping lift on mast, down haul goes back to starboard cabin top with swivel. cleat to help pit person with the angle. We don‮t use the reef.
Posted By: Rob Van Name

Re: Halyard Locations - 05/08/19 06:32 PM

Our halyards, etc are set up like Dennis.
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