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Navtec turnbuckle pin

Posted By: D. Bartley

Navtec turnbuckle pin - 07/11/19 03:24 AM

Anybody happen to have a spare Navteq turnbuckle pin D320-12?
Posted By: Rhapsody #348

Re: Navtec turnbuckle pin - 07/11/19 02:23 PM

Dennis - try Rigrite on this page
Posted By: Bob Rutsch

Re: Navtec turnbuckle pin - 07/11/19 09:43 PM

Last time I got them was 2012: Replacement Turnbuckle Screw 3/8" pin for 1/4" wire. Navtec Part D320-S12, West Marine SKU: 166506 2 @ $37.73 ea, $79.99 w tax

But good news for you we switched and I think I have one in my tool box I'll contact you with photo and send it if it is the right one.
Posted By: D. Bartley

Re: Navtec turnbuckle pin - 07/11/19 09:45 PM

In a different thread, you said it's a D320-S12? Is that actually correct for the lower shroud pin (or upper for that matter). That's a 3/8 pin that is 6" long?
Posted By: D. Bartley

Re: Navtec turnbuckle pin - 07/12/19 12:30 PM

I found an old pin and measured it. You're correct, 3/8, 6'5" long. Thanks
Posted By: Twilight Zone

Re: Navtec turnbuckle pin - 10/10/19 09:10 PM

I am also looking for the same thing .... ours measures 5" x 3/8 but maybe it was trimmed.

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Twilight Zone
Posted By: MichaelRuzzi

Re: Navtec turnbuckle pin - 11/01/19 04:20 AM

Fore some reason the previous-to-my-family owner of the boat purchased a lot of Navtec spares. If anyone needs one I'm happy to send them one of my extras for the cost of shipping. PM me if you are interested.
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