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IDing manual bilge pump

Posted By: nathankt79

IDing manual bilge pump - 11/23/19 05:45 PM

Our manual bilge pump failed recently...luckily while we were on the hard. I'm trying to either rebuild it or replace it with something that can use the same mounting...so I don't have to make more holes. The boat is a 1984. Can anyone help me with identifying the make or model of the pump? If not, has anyone had luck replacing it with something else? I've attached the pics for reference.
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Posted By: dennejo

Re: IDing manual bilge pump - 11/24/19 04:33 PM

I replaced the bilge pump this spring on Presto. I decided to purchase a new pump versus rebuilding the old one due to the low price of a new pump. In my case I bought the same pump as the one which was already in use. Copied below is the pump item number I ordered from Defender. Installation was very easy.

The key items for you will be the hose size and the mounting holes (as you already indicated). You should be able to check your current set up and determine if the pump I selected will work. If not look at the other Whale pumps and find the one which is closest to your old one.

Defender's has a good selection and offers decent pricing. I am sure other marine outlets / stores will also be able to fill your order.

Item Information
Item Number Item Description Quantity
Ordered Quantity
Back Ordered Unit Price Total Price
500886 Whale Gusher Urchin Manual Bilge / Waste Pump 1 0 $62.24 $62.24

Alternatively it looks like the body of your pump is in good shape. You most likely can buy the rebuild kit and spend the time rebuilding the old one. My choice was limited due to a cracked case. It was also biased based on a friend who had rebuilt his bilge pump. He spent at least half a day doing so and made a mistake with the check valves the first time. The replacement route took a less than a hour.
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