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New North Main - too long?

Posted By: Georges

New North Main - too long? - 06/22/20 12:51 PM

Hi team,
I hoisted my new North main for the first time yesterday. It seemed too long: by a couple of inches. Still a few wave along the luff slugs (no rope).

I was in a rush and will not be able to actually measure the luff before next weekend
A cunningham can handle it.
But it looks more like a mistake - although I find hard to believe that North Newport would make such an error on this class.

I have a shackle spliced on 5/16 dyneema halyard on the head, that might cost me an inch of luff but there is more than that here.

Any of you have similar experience? with North?
Posted By: Jim Hoey

Re: New North Main - too long? - 06/24/20 08:56 AM

Hi Georges,
I've got North 3 Di
Luff is 11.55 M
Posted By: Pabs

Re: New North Main - too long? - 06/24/20 03:49 PM

Did you not have North come out and measure?
Posted By: Georges

Re: New North Main - too long? - 06/24/20 09:27 PM

They told me they did.
I will live through the season with a cunningham. They were responsive and open and told me an easy fix if it needs.
I will top my halyard this week-end and measure everything precisely.
Will also try to reduce as much I can on the top by not attaching directly the halyard but through a loop.

I guess my real question was: do you need to do any halyard trick - like not using a shackle - or less than 5/16 spliced halyard to max you OD main luff?
Posted By: Georges

Re: New North Main - too long? - 07/01/20 06:27 PM

Just to close that thread. Issue was only mine.
The main (NPC Nordac Radian 7.5) was perfect. Luff length was 37' 9 1/2" that is 2" 1/2 below max class length which is fine for me. (about 1" shorter than your 3Di Jim). 38" is exactly the max I get with my halyard topped out.
After spending more time on this, cleaning up a bit the mast groove, measuring with tack free. it at the ends boils down to this new main being really the first true class legal one I have on this boat.
My prior main was a bit shorter, shorter enough for me to deal with luff tension only with the halyard tension. Not something I can do anymore with this one.

all set. thanks fellows.
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