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replacing bilge pump

Posted By: Gary

replacing bilge pump - 09/20/21 01:46 AM

Somebody was too exuberant pumping the bilge, and the pump finally broke. Any one had any luck with replacements the fit the cockpit opening?

Thanks, Gary
Posted By: Brian Kelly

Re: replacing bilge pump - 09/20/21 12:58 PM

We rebuilt ours last winter. Ours is a Henderson MKV (MK5) Underdeck (Henderson Mark 5). I wrote down BP0535 as a part number and Service Kit AK8050 as the rebuild kit. Henderson is now Whale Pump whalepumps.com I had to look around online a little to fine the "vertical" mount version that matched what we have.

Good Luck,
Posted By: Gary

Re: replacing bilge pump - 09/20/21 03:51 PM

Brian: thanks for the info. From what I've seen online, the Whale Gusher Urchin pump is pretty close to the original. Time to place an order.
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