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Pulling J30 Mast balance point

Posted By: rosstheboss69

Pulling J30 Mast balance point - 10/14/21 02:16 PM

Hey J30ers,

I'm trying to pull my mast this weekend with a relatively short crane(approx 25 ft from the waterline) which means that if I put the strap for the crane below the spreaders, it will be very close. I'm wondering where people have found the balance point on a J30 mast, can I potentially go below the spreaders by a foot or two?

Thanks for the help.

Posted By: Russ Atkinson

Re: Pulling J30 Mast balance point - 10/15/21 02:31 PM

The mast balances nicely when lifted just below the spreaders. If you attempt to pick it with a lifting point 1-2 ft below the spreaders it will be significantly top heavy. You will need a couple of strong folks assisting, (one below deck and one above) to help guide and steady the mast as it comes out of the partners. The mast will want to lean side to side or front to back as you pick it up

Shortening by 1 ft, maybe, but unless you've done it a few times or have some experienced folks with you, I would not recommend going less than that .
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