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Cabin Table Wanted

Posted By: Stella 1

Cabin Table Wanted - 03/29/22 03:12 AM

Hello All, Im a proud new owner of a J30 and plan on having a few Baja trips in the near future. I bought her with no table, which will come in handy for stays in the marinas. I read other forums with build specs but would love to get an original. Does anyone have a table stored away that I can put to use? Thanks!
Posted By: Joao Brito CHILE

Re: Cabin Table Wanted - 08/13/22 08:07 PM


I send you the informatios that y have

Best Regards

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Posted By: Rhapsody #348

Re: Cabin Table Wanted - 08/18/22 02:19 AM

Hah! I recognize those pictures taken in my basement. They are posted in this thread for easier reading.
Posted By: Stella 1

Re: Cabin Table Wanted - 08/18/22 03:26 AM

These are great, thank you!
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