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Winter boat cover

Posted By: Gene A Trentham

Winter boat cover - 11/17/20 04:06 PM

I looking for a maker of a boat cover for my J30. I'm in NW Lower Michigan. Actually what would be nice is a recommendation of a shop that someone is familiar with. The cover is not for this winter.

Posted By: pez

Re: Winter boat cover - 11/17/20 06:25 PM

I saw a J/30 with I think a https://www.fairclough.com/ one. It looked very well thought out, over the boom, cut out for stanchions and a door. Give them a call see if they have it on file.
Posted By: Gene A Trentham

Re: Winter boat cover - 11/18/20 05:19 PM

Yes, they have very nice looking covers. Not sure how the custom job would happen with the distance in between. Perhaps they have done other J-30's. I just found a local sail shop that could or does make them. Much more conversation with them.

Thanks for the reply
Posted By: Michael L

Re: Winter boat cover - 12/18/20 06:51 PM

I had a Fairclough cover and frame for my J/30. It was fantastic and well worth the money. They installed it the first time. I disassembled and did for the next several years. Top tip, label all the frame parts. Makes it much easier to put humpy dumpy back together again.
Posted By: Gene A Trentham

Re: Winter boat cover - 12/18/20 08:37 PM

Thanks Michael, I'll check them out.
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