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Barient Winch Information

Barient Winch Spare Parts

Last updated 1997 (Copied from old J/30 website)

Here’s some useful information about maintaining our old Barient Winches

Several of us in Chicago have the same problem with our Barient winches. The pawl pockets on gears of the Barient 27 (or 25) primaries, and the Barient 21 secondaries tend to wear over time. Not terribly surprising since the pawls are stainless, and the gears are bronze. Until a couple of years ago, I’ve been able to buy replacements from Barient. Since Lewmar bought Barient, they’ve not made any of the gears, and the gears are no longer available.

There is a guy out on the west coast named Glen Jasmer who is able to make Barient parts. The prices are a bit higher than Barient used to be since he makes them in smaller quantities, but it sure beats buying a new winch. The gears are made of stainless steel rather then bronze, so it’s less likely the same problem will occur. Glen’s phone number is 619-722-8277

New Source for Barient Parts

We like it to be known that we have purchased a large quantity of the original Barient tooling and all the technical data covering the entire period of the existence of Barient/Barlow. Also, our records show that we have a near 100% success rate in solving problems with Barient and Barlow winches.

All inquiries can be directed to:
4 Narang Place
St Marys N.S.W. 2760 Australia
Phone: +61 2 9623 2448
Fax: +61 2 9623 2265

A visit to our homepage on the net will reveal greater detail about us.


Ratchet Pawl & Spring (+ additional Spring)                    US$ 4.00
Black Bearing with S/S rollers (#01-011), 1 7/8" I/D           US$12.00
Black Bearing with 'DELRIN' rollers (#01-021), 1 7/8" I/D      US$11.00
Grey Bearing (#01-014), 1 1/8" I/D                             US$ 8.00
Gold Bearing (#01-012), 1" I/D                                 US$ 7.00
Green Bearing (#01-013), 7/8" I/D                              US$ 5.00

* We will quote on all other components, i.e. gears, gear shafts, plastic drum tops and self-tailing jaws, line lifters and drive sockets etc., on request.
* Where possible, please quote: make and model number of winch, standard or self-tailing configuration and date of manufacture.
* All components are manufactured to their original specifications.
* We reserve the right to re-specify aspects of the original design, that in our opinion, do not meet acceptable standards.
* Payment by credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are welcome.
* We will debit credit cards only on dispatch of goods.
* The most economical method of shipping the goods (UPS or Mail) will be advised prior dispatch.